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January 06, 2012


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The part of North Eastern Congo where all these horror storeis come from truly is the heart of darkness. It makes the rest of Africa look like Switzerland. My understanding is that this has been going on there for at least the last 500 years without stop. In contrast, places like Sierra Leone or Rwanda will have spasmodic outbursts of mass cannibalism or genocide during war time but are relatively peaceful more often than not.

I was mainly sheockd by the large amount of wealth obtained by King Leopold II and the country of Belgium through the enslavement of the Congo. King Leopold II built beautiful buildings and museums in the name of his country, however it seems to be unknown and unrecognized by the citizens of Belgium that the Great cities, such as Antwerp and Brussels were built by the oppression, and genocide of millions of Congolese. I also find it ironic that the city of Brussels where King Leopold II once lived has held multiple peace negotiations and conferences for Western Countries.

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