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March 22, 2012


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Hi there! Quuck question that's totally off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My website looks weird when viewing from my apple iphone. I'm trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to correct this problem. If you hazve any suggestions, plpease share. With thanks!

Bah hahahahahahahahaha Uncle! Great list. Can I add *Take more shewors because my astronaut diaper is stinking more as the election nears*Visit Iraq again & get out checkbook to pay US soldiers to come see me*Visit Osama bin Laden at the Kennebunkport Bush Compound*Give George H.W. Bush a blowjob to thank him for having Little Georgie*Destroy Vietnam service records 'cause the damn liberals are asking too many questionsBah hahahahahahaha!Molly, I think Obama is right about gas prices. The Oil Maggots (starting with Cheney's secret energy policy) have screwed us. Now if Obama says on his first day as president, I'm going to bomb the shit out of Saudi Arabia to make the King and his family run in terror , I'd be happy with that! LOLBah hahahahaha! Great video Grant. Can you imagine if Johnny McTeleprompter did that? His dentures would go flying! Also Grant, I think TRUE progressives make up a much smaller amount than 46%. There are some Democrats who would love to call themselves that but their record surely doesn't reflect it! I agree that many are probably more in the middle (as far as I'm concerned this is the dangerous area of the road by the way LOL).Hi Clif! How's your vacation going? I hope good. Oh yes, 20 hours of actual combat is exactly the qualification one needs to be president (and then spending the rest of your combat service living in a cage). I bet McTeleprompter's 20 hours of service is equal to the amount of time George Bush was sober during his service to the country! Bah hahahahahaha! I love Bill Maher sometimes. Yep. Johnny McTeleprompter will be peeing at 3am just about every day!

Reminds me of when I lived in the NM desert for 6 years. We didn't have running water either- had to catch it off the roof during the rare rains, melt snow or hire a neighbor with a water truck to bring it up from a spring next to the Rio Grande.
Moving to Paraguay after that was moving into the lap of luxury...
Running water AND electricity!

Working in a developing country for at least 6 months should be MANDATORY for young Americans.
Imagine how much more appreciative we would be of our daily comforts, and how much more eager we'd be to SAVE THE PLANET AND ALL ITS CREATURES!
What an amazing experience you are having!!!!
Again, thanks SO MUCH for sharing.
Wish I could come visit!

I feel mostly on top of things when we all burst through the door.

You were right about hotter! We slept dtrasoniws on the futon. Guess we are going to have to get with the program and get some of those air conditioning window inserts. They look so ugly. But I'll do anything after last night. We're such rubes! Oh well. We're learning. This afternoon a lovely rain. But I'm not sure that helped the humidity. At least I took a break from the upstairs painting/etc. and went shopping. Herberger's is an amazing store. I can't believe the bargains. I got two pants, two t-shirts and a dressy top all for $57-! Also some glasses, bowls, and two bamboo tv trays. XXXXXXOOOOOOO Diane

great post! I used bucket showers while living in Manila this past summer; my wife and I took them home to Canada.

I just posted about this on


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